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Reprinted from 258458665 at 19:21 on May 4, 2008 Reading (loading. ..) Comments (10) Category: Personal Diary Honey, I want to tell you a lot of beautiful sisters, we walk in the road, we must learn to let yourself go is fine.

number of your clothes closet can be small, like not very pretty, is not famous, but must have a good texture. Can not wear jewelry, or to
great texture, or to very characteristic. Of equipment can not, if of the words, it must be dignified and genteel, remember not to put herself to look dirty seven or worse, beyond recognition.

you for your beautiful capital, but not to show off, and beautiful and can not eat, you must learn their own based on the community and maintain economic independence, would never rely on others, remember to love yourself to become powerful, you can be more attractive.

remember,timberland boots uk, go out, bring your wallet, I remember rushing to pay. Do not think that men take for granted the money, only you use your own is the most comfortable, provided that you have to learn to economic independence and self-reliance.

you love love a man, but he did not remember all of you, you love to stay a part of yourself, do not be led by the nose of any person, you is not no need of his servant obedience to men, but you must be considerate.

If you love a man, you have to remember to tender, love him, do not always vexatious, capricious extreme. Men are also very fragile, it takes him more time to care for you, if he would willful coquetry, tweak his nose, holding Hong Hong, even if he shamelessly skin, learn to gently like a mother to him, You know it is because his heart was warm, he needs to rely on, it was his greatest trust in you.

If a man loves you, his eyes shining, he'll love and spirits, if he is with you always depressed, then think about what you are not conflicts between, If not, then please leave him, he only reluctantly perfunctory you.

Remember to learn to say sorry, you can feel that they are the glory, but to learn to apologize and bow.

If you are single, please do not sigh, you're just waiting for him on the way, he will come to you, we must have confidence in ourselves, full of happiness waiting. Do not feel inferior, to believe in yourself before he came to learn so that they are beautiful. Do not feel like you are together, and their calculations a random person, it really is for their own irresponsible.

If you are single, remember not to come home late at night, if a person lives, safety is first. To learn self-protection, self-defense.

If you have a lot of time to study the harvest, much larger than you see those soap operas and go shopping, remember, no one likes to girls, do not feel impatient, I believe that knowledge will you are very elegant.

to learn to filter, filter your thoughts, your circle of friends filter, filter your weaknesses, learn to make themselves very clean and very comfortable to show in this wonderful community, learn to calm, calm, than your face more people like.

even if you furious, it must be stable in a lot of time to learn to not mess, do not put their hands confused panic panic feet, mess, and learn cool things located. If you have patience and slow, then learn a piece of land of thinking and learn to do things efficiently and can be, and learn to walk is usually a get rid of the habit of walking on it, if you are anything Zuohuaibuluan, then also the pieces of a very troublesome thing.

remember punctual, remember the word, to develop good habits, it will make your life more depth.

believe in yourself and learn not to feel inferior, I believe will give their own to build a good life, learn to rely on their own, creating their own happiness.

other men do not easily touch, unless you love love him, or he really worthy of your love.

night, I know you will be very afraid, you can hold your bear, pick up your favorite pillow, his head buried in, that is also the warm sense of security, telling myself that all will be OK, the day soon dawn.

broke up, cry, do not try again and good, hard round broken mirror, even if the round can not be touched except with injury records, unless we really cure my drink to forget yesterday, good sleep days, a few days can make their own decadence, but must not allow themselves to mold, I want you to think and forget the time a few days, and then move forward with ease, and begin again.

If you fall in love with a man, then you do not have to be passive, waiting for him to come to you, the opportunity to grasp, not the same words can be used in love, to know not miss the.

to learn to understand him, love him to believe he is the best to support his peace of mind with him, and to be with him, you have to learn to let that be enough, and peace of mind, do not back off His betrayal, the last is that you lose badly. Vulnerable as men, need only the most pure love, though he rarely mouth love, but he did not carefully bit by bit you feel?

who listen to his advice, you have to be stubborn as to think he is the right, in fact, his views are often very real and practical, often it is the best shortcut.

remember to keep a good sleep, smooth skin, beautiful young woman is the most obvious, when you hold a lot of snacks when eating habits, take a look at his waist, is not still very slim, and remember good body and mouth of the thrift has a lot Oh.

not feel good is a brand of cosmetics or expensive, keep in mind is the best for you.

You can follow the latest fashions, but to learn to keep their own the proper conduct, not 30 years old, but also to non-mainstream, that is a very funny thing.
Society shallow laugh, at any time; anger makes you ugly, when someone offends you, remember to hit back at him with your wisdom, do not curse, even if you are angry, we must learn to be beautiful, but mean people do not hesitate, do not use dirty can be.

you can grumble, but remember that not too much, the rest to digest their own emotions, I do not want to see, like you and Xianglinsao become sad.

remember learn responsibility, both on the job or the feelings, remember, your responsibility is very important.

you stupid, but remember that is kind of pretty good quality, if you're a good girl, you must maintain, because you good, in this society is almost extinct. But you have to learn to recognize right and wrong, do not let yourself be bullied.

remember not to spend money in those things does not make sense to allow back-filling their savings adequacy is the cornerstone of your success, good work, is having peace of mind, love your work, do work you love, on and you run your life, you will be very exciting.

not to get married late, to a certain age, remember yourself in a quiet place where you can drift, but remember that alone will make your life such as the dry yellow land and always have a home.

remember my mother often calls, greeting my father, they love you, they will always be your strongest backing.

If you really like to make friends, it must learn to filter, is not able to make friends, and learn to make my life not to be so chaotic, learn self-love.

learn well behaved, even when you are staunch many very stubborn. Learn not to hurt each time out, then learn to let his mouth filter text, because people know you, more often through your mouth, learn to make their mouth very clever and very gentle, I believe, is the most mess with you of love.

vanity you can, but remember, you have to learn to meet their own vanity, if a man deliberately to be nice to you, then if he really likes you to pursue you, he is also very Italian, and learn very cleverly accepted. If it was a malicious man, tell yourself, there is no free breakfast, learn to skillfully refused.

if the ex-boyfriend come back for you, to figure out what he wants, if he just wanted to make up for his guilt, then you can only save his QQ stranger in your friend, he In the heart of all you do not read,timberland uk, his eyes on it, he said, you can just listen, do not mind, if he really loves you, how can you not give you happiness,cheap timberland boots, unless you were wrong If he wants you to be his lover, tell him I'm sorry, I do not play this game. Then close your eyes,timberland boots, then opened his eyes, telling myself, I finally reborn.

you must then cry, then cry, do not just help themselves and even the rain, like a long free period, do not expect you get people to pity you learn to stand up,mens timberland boots, smile, go of a makeup, go for a walk , eat a big meal, happy to sleep at night.

temperament can practice, you can, from now on, you can also graceful deer. When you see even you are fond of a beautiful woman, remember not to look at Baba, Aung your head,timberland outlet, light to pass, learn to sublimate their own realm.

need to study philosophy, and you will see a lot of life's truth, you will find the views of philosophy is interesting.

believe they are the best, is the most happy, beautiful hearts, delicate as you. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
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