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Default !!!!!!!!!!!!

I was nativity in one ordinary home, the parents healthy, grandparents, several aunts and uncles. It namely said namely I was nativity, the northern sky, smokes emerge a gradually from distant apt near, behind migrating apt the dome of my house, rotated into a word: handsome!
father saw me, the hoarse cry of a half,GHD Rare Straighteners, he did not deem that I killed his children inherited the chromosome, several rushed to my mother carrying a kitchen knife mattress, waving that make me Zhancheng muddle, nursing mothers lifeless, I was able to survive. Grandpa glaucoma than ten years, and one measure away is hard to tell who is a dog, but when I appeared in his eyes when the elderly old man in tears, self- shallow eyes, whether he did not see the light, that people do not absence to see in order to avert infinite difficulty.
Later, the mother in order to prove his naturalness, and took his father to go to hospital for a paternity test, the medic opened the quilt just one look and began to cry, wiping the snout that go back, this is not your son, who is not , people creatures are born ..... not handsome children
an internship via the little nurse, saw a muscular care for me, and instantly found a box of red ink pad, and put my fingerprint down, and to offer a nice hair suddenly scatter out, narrating me muttered : cilia King and reside, if not married to you this life, long hair unabated, clear light Buddha, Intimates boudoir .......
mother speedily go out, trot,GHD IV Styling Set, deliberately ran into the afterward Obstetrics and Gynecology A matron waiting to have children, the old lady plucked the mother, the kind of said: Boy, what pressing Ah, so what's the Arab-Israeli entities too hard? not bounced the child by her mother, Ah ....
entangled upset, pulled a quilt, the old lady saw me and immediately was like crazy to reserve up with tears rushing, a butt crouching down to the ground, shaking his head scream: I had had 50 years ah!!!! My mother flash .....
!!!!!! long to fifteen years age, has not dared to work to school, is not never been to kindergarten when not defiance to go aboard for a long time, and the entire park Dean of children plus instructors are outrageous, my face was swollen a little girl's parents became watermelon and aunts Kuangou babies, not for everything another, because they and I was born in a years time, naval and police deployed, be considered to suppress the riots.
was fishing all year circular my house and never depart empty-handed, the maximum interesting is that our family there are a hundred kilometers from the sea, they are constantly in front of a small ditch to arrest tuna Xiushui , and found in the haystack after the turtle egg, and later, after investigation, turned out to be because the annual front of my house there are many women calling and the tears of the elements are rich in amino sours and proteins, is ideal for tuna and sea turtles laying eggs to survive, long years, those who a woman's tears into a small accumulation of shore, to the time when I was fifteen, a thriving shore scene,GHD Hair Straightener NZ, to my eighteenth birthday, this shore is quite rapid development, they were known as: Hawaii.
Once I really Mende Huang, ran out of the house secretly at night, I was ready to see if the female animals and ran savage, who knows I go out, in adding to a screech, not chasing the direction, I look back carefully saw that they had all collapsed on the beach ...
U.S. Department of Defense to the Hague International Tribunal formally indicted me, said I devastated a elated family the premier family,GHD Red Butterfly 2011, his wife sophistication to look the aboriginal when I was 6 stolen photographs taken after the divorce even with George W. Bush established the National Historic president's 1st circumstance in the divorce case, after accepting the Hague multinational court, published a subpoena for me, I received a summons that they would appear in tribunal, because it category of life is unbearable, yet did not return to the court summons, because in my signature, so the half-way by the courier postman .....
was sentenced to 122 years in jail.
Central Television talk shows focus group to interview me, anti-camera fainted three times that of glass, is responsible as life and life to disc that little girl had written in Chinese Italian and Spanish.
announce time, as TV stations carried the mosaic of my facial handling the next daytime to be smashed, signs posted everywhere. Bush took the chance to visit, conveyed a lecture entitled; me a poster! Speech T2 proxies in the United States under the conservation of more than 5,000 people, but the trade-off, Air Force One aggression, smashed a hope it bad. ...
earmarked for the United Nations, I built a hiding place, the top of Mount Everest in the Himalayas, the information is exceedingly blockade, in the world besides my family and the Secretary-General Kofi Annan, who do not know where I am. I enjoy the truce and quiet, real quiet, very close to the blue sky from me, God is simply at your fingertips, my peaceable, but also the extreme boredom, I stood tip cry: I am not handsome !!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Suddenly, the sky came a quiet requiem Mi's voice: No, you lied ......
God, you can not prevaricate to me .......
I'm offended, maddening!!! asked God, why did you make me handsome!!!!
requiem that the voice of God came again: What did you say?
my body limp, sobbing loudly: Why am I handsome .......
silence ...... After a when God, God can speak: you humble ......
At that moment, I want to bound from the top ........
have a group of people suddenly rushed down the mountain to mountain, and after learned that Annan was kidnapped, the mom of murderers, led along the grandmother was in China Ci Xi in the Qing Dynasty approximately when the ladies, sir, is the Board of Punishments Book, Arkenstone is the Torture Chamber Story, Annan, truly it is a heroic male, has been used in the ninth sentence, only to express my hiding location .. ..
me mad!!!
I stood on a stone cliff face, hysterical: You dare to come!!! I jumped !!!!!
crowd stood still , the amazing calm ....
throng began to stir, for many human possessed general, jumped from the scarp corner, speed up! fainted final only a few remained in the mountains, left below entire jumped off the cliff, I looked down, they used a piece of body give me paved pad, afraid that I stumble down ....
me unattended ... I was female camp protection In the elapse the Pentagon, a woman pride to see my side, since the accidents of the last Everest, the scientists found the original so powerful human latent, because that Everest episode, ten percent of a extremity ailment, a hundred per ten humans with disabilities, as well as ten percent of the mentally checked ..... many illness patients (female) to see my side, have struggled for over ten years, cancer has transform the star, and some disability people (female) since seeing me, they obtain rid of the crutches and accompanied by a wheelchair for several decades, a few hundred meters beyond Crack the several world records.
desperation, the outbreak of World War III, man In mandate to retain their self-respect, the use of the atomic bomb ...
After the explosion, I was the only one living, because I was defended in the anti-nuclear area, I came out of the world sterile, everywhere is warfare, after the desolation and ruin ....
a sudden, I found the ground there are biological!!!!
it was a cockroach!!! strong vitality of cockroaches, beyond everyone's expectations, I won it cockroaches, old man in tears, it would only cockroaches shake, I looked around,GHD Purple Straighteners, the original in my feet, is a cockroach!!! all woman!!!
coastline on the additional, eyeing all public cockroaches !!!
Who would the Earth's World War IV, even in between cockroaches .....
Postscript: After I die I million years after the birth of mankind,GHD Midnight Gift Set 2011, they will restore my bones, and buried in the Arctic, in my tombstone over the year-round piece of floating clouds, changes to changes to only one word: handsome .....
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